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Svbtle vs. Posthaven

I’m giving Svbtle a try having used Posthaven for a few months. This is a quick comparison of how I find the two and a little commentary on some of the alternatives I’ve considered but haven’t yet tried. See this post on Posthaven.


I’m fairly new to blogging, I’d been meaning to set up a blog for some time either off based on an existing open source blog/cms or creating my own basic one in Rails or Django but I hadn’t got round to it. I liked the attitude of Posthaven when it appeared, we will charge you money but you get to keep your name for life and I think it came out of the experience of one of the founders losing control of Posterious and it’s shutdown.

Posthaven Summary

  • Costs $5/month for upto 10 blogs
  • GUI post editor (a little clunky but it works)
  • Commitment to long term platform
  • Comments supported


  • Permanence/business model
  • Manage multiple blogs...

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A Week with Docker

This is a test post on svbtle, it will also be posted at my usual site for such things: which is thus far hosted on Posthaven. It is a bit of a brain dump rather than a fully polished and edited post, in the unlikely event it gets any significant viewership I’ll try to clean it up.

This is some initial thoughts and experiences with using Docker for about a week. Specifically I was getting JIRA up and running in Docker on Rackspace for my own use (and it directly receives crash reports from some of my iOS apps). I also used it on my home server to set up a build environment for a JIRA plugin.

General Docker Thoughts

Docker is nice, new containers spin up quickly, the documentation is OK. It is still pre-1.0 so moving fast and much of the online articles about it are out of date already. This isn’t really the first place you should look for information so I’m...

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